Prof. Johann W. Kolar

Prof. Johann W. Kolar
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich、IEEE Fellow
Title: “X-Concepts” – The DNA of Future High-Performance Power Electronic Systems

Abstract: Aiming for a disruptive next step of power electronics performance improvement it is interesting to contemplate on potential driving forces, in other words to identify “x-concepts”, which enable the full utilization of basic scaling laws and of “x-technologies” like wide bandgap power semiconductors, digital signal processing and 3D-packaging introduced over the last decade. The talk first identifies 4 core approaches, namely modularization, hybridization, synergetic association and functional integration and subsequently demonstrates/verifies the capabilities of the x-concepts based on latest research results of the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory of ETH Zurich like a 99.4% efficient multi-level PV inverter system, an ultra-compact 3-port automotive DC/DC converter system, a synergetically controlled ultra-wide output voltage range three-phase EV charger, a monolithic bidirectional GaN switch current DC-link AC/AC converter for motor integrated variable speed drives, a 4.8MHz switching frequency 100kHz bandwidth AC-source and a partial power processing DC/DC server power supply.  Finally, life cycle analysis, embodied energy, and design for recyclability are highlighted as major topics to be integrated into future power electronics research and development processes.


Biography: Johann W. Kolar is a Fellow of the IEEE, an International Member of the US National Academy of Engineering and a Full Professor and Head of the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. He has proposed numerous novel converter concepts incl. the Vienna Rectifier, has spearheaded the development of x-million rpm motors, and has pioneered fully automated multi-objective power electronics design procedures. He has graduated 75+ Ph.D. students, has published 900+ research papers, 4 book chapters, and has filed 200+ patents. He has served as IEEE PELS Distinguished Lecturer from 2012 - 2016. He has received 35+ IEEE Prize Paper Awards, the 2016 IEEE William E. Newell Power Electronics Award, and 2 ETH Zurich Golden Owl Awards for excellence in teaching. The focus of his current research is on ultra-compact/efficient WBG converter systems, ANN-based design procedures, Solid-State Transformers, ultra-high speed drives, bearingless actuators and sustainable systems.

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