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A.Advanced DC/DC converters and Power Factor Correction Converters        34
A0066 A Digital Self-Current-Sharing Method for Modular Parallel High Step-Down LLC System
A0091 Unified Modulation Strategy with DC-Bias Mitigation for Dual Active Bridge Converters
A0121 Energy Efficiency Optimization Control Strategy of Three-Phase Single-Stage Isolated AC-DC Converter
A0162 A Hybrid Wide-Range Step-Up DC-DC Converter
A0164 A Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converter with Step-Up/Down Capabilities Based on Extended Full-Range Regulation Method
A0179 Design and Modeling of LLC-TLVR Converter with Low-voltage, High-current Output Capability
A0201 A High Performance 48-to-8 V Cascaded Switched-Capacitor Converter for Data Center Applications
A0252 Analysis of Two-Stage Topologies with Buck and Switched-Capacitor Converters for Ultra-High Efficiency POL Applications
A0253 Research on Effects of Clamping Diodes Parasitic Capacitance on PSFB Converters
A0316 Hybrid Resonant Converter-Based 8:1 Bus Converter for 48V-to-1V Power System
A0363 A Simplified Input Filter Capacity (IFC) Current Compensation Scheme for 360–800 Hz CRM Totem-Pole PFC with Si MOSFETs
A0365 Backward Step-Up Control for Bidirectional LLC Resonant Converter Based on Dual Phase Shifting
A0395 Research on Control Strategy for Hybrid Three-level DAB Converter with DC-blocking Capacitors Based on Asymmetrical Duty Modulation
A0477 A Current Proportional-Differential Feedforward-based Bidirectional Seamless Fast Dynamic Response Control of Dual-Active-Bridge Converters
A0513 A Fast Transient Control Method for Dual-Bridge Series Resonant Converters
A0555 Modeling and Analysis of Single-Phase Fractional-Order Quasi-Z-Source PWM Rectifier
A0565 Mechanism and Compensation of Zero-Crossing Current Distortion for Three-Phase Vienna Rectifier
A0624 Design of a 2kW 40012V High-Output Current DCDC Converter With Fractional-Turn Planar Transformer for Server power
A0641 A Ripple-Free Input Current Quasi-Z-Source DC-DC Converter with High Voltage Gain and Soft-Switching Technology
A0670 High-Efficiency High-Density RDCX Modules Cascaded with CHB PFC Stage
A0672 Low Common Mode Noise Cellular RDCX with Single Bus Multi-Level Regulator
A0673 Light-Load Efficiency Improvement of MHz RDCX Based on Output Voltage Ripple and Resonant Pulse Number Control
A0683 An LLC-DAB Hybrid Bidirectional Converter with Constant Frequency Synthetic Modulation Strategy for Wide Input Range
A0695 Circulating Current Generation Mechanism and Control Strategy for IPOP Buck Converters
A0746 Design of A Step-Down Dickson Switched Capacitor Converter
A0751 An Optimized Return Power Control for DAB Converter Cluster with ISOP Configuration
A0793 Investigations of Peak-to-Peak Current Optimization for Dual Active Bridge Converters
A0830 A High Voltage Gain Resonant Converter and its Voltage-balanced Control
A0841 Hybrid Resonant Converter With Integrated Magnetics For 48V Data-Center Power Systems
A0873 Maximum Efficiency Phase-Shift Trajectory Control Based on Analytical Loss Model for a Wide Voltage Range IPOSP-PSFB Converter
A0883 Bidirectional Three-phase CLLLC Resonant Converter with Integrated Magnetics for High-Power On-Board Charger Applications
A0884 Design of A High-Density 3kW 800V to 48V Converter with optimized planar transformer for Automotive Applications
A0905 An Improved Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter with Fault Tolerant Ability
A1031 Two-Stage 48V-to-16V-to-1V Hybrid-Switched-Capacitor Converter for High Performance Computing
B.Advanced DC/AC Inverter Topologies, Modulations, and Controls        17
B0019 An Accurate DC-Link Voltage Determining Method of LC-Coupling Voltage Source Converter (VSC) Under High THD Operating Environment
B0110 A Resonant Half Bridge DC/AC Converter with PFM-PWM Hybrid Control
B0214 Collecting Leakage Current Analysis and Suppression Strategy for Non-Isolated Photovoltaic Grid-Connected System
B0225 100kW Soft Switching Three-phase Inverter with Hybrid Switches
B0238 A Novel Modulation Method to Reduce Leakage Current and Balance Neutral-Point Voltage for Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverters
B0245 Single-phase inverter asymmetrical quad-edge sampling
B0353 A Modified Space Vector Modulation and Phase-Shifted Modulation Coordination Strategy for Isolated AC-DC Matrix Converter
B0415 Efficient Design of Phase-Shifted PWM for Modular Multilevel Converters Considering Carrier Initial Phase Angle
B0482 Model-free Sliding-mode Voltage-Current Dual- Loop Control for LCL Inverter
B0527 A model predictive control scheme under end point equivalence modulation for single-phase inverters by using observers
B0577 A Voltage Control Strategy of Differential Buck-Boost Inverter Based on Third Harmonic Injection
B0726 GaN-based Interleaved Totem-pole Single-phase Inverter with Coupling Inductor Design
B0770 CM Leakage Current Reduction Clamped-HERIC for GaN-based Photovoltaic Inverter
B0773 Design of a High Frequency DAB-Type Microinverter for Photovoltaic Application
B0864 A Transient Power Sharing Oriented Power Controller Design Method for Islanded Grid with Parallel Grid-Forming Inverters
B0903 Modeling of Sequence Impedance for Grid Following Direct Drive Wind Turbine Based on PLL
B0922 Realization of Reduced Common-Mode Voltage PWM strategy Under Low Switching Frequency
C.Advanced Control, Modeling, Simulation, and Stability of Power Electronics Systems        24
C0035 High-Frequency Resonance Suppression Based on Active and Passive Joint Damping for MMC-HVDC
C0039 Effect of Solar Cell Interconnections on the Output of Solar UAV with 3D Curved Photovoltaics
C0058 A Load Voltage Angle Control of Electric Spring for Energy Storge Reduction
C0063 Research on Control Strategy of Energy Router for Dual-mode Traction Power Supply System
C0082 Virtual Fractional-Order-Inductor Based Second Harmonic Current Reduction Method
C0119 Impacts of Digital Control Delay on Power Tracking in Unified Virtual Oscillator Controller
C0175 Phase-by-phase Discrete Mapping Modeling of Boost PFC Cascaded Buck Converter
C0186 µ Approach-Based Robust Stability Analysis of Weak-Grid-Connected Voltage Source Converter
C0203 Constrained Sliding Mode Control Strategy for Boost Converter
C0206 Stability Analysis of Circulating Current in Multi-Parallel Grid-Connected Inverters system
C0292 An Improved PLL Structure to Improve Synchronization Stability of Grid-connected Inverter under Weak Grid
C0319 Generalized Discretization of State-Space Model for Medium-Frequency Inverter With Arbitrary Digital Control Delay
C0403 Analysis and Solution of Zero-Sequence Circulating Current and Neutral Point Potential Balance in Parallel 3L-ANPC Converters
C0510 A Novel Dual ISOI Combined Converter System and Its Hybrid Equalization Control Strategy
C0535 Recursive Admittance Matrix for Virtual Synchronous Generators with Asymmetric Loads
C0562 A Modular ISOS DC-DC Converter Constituted by Dual-Mode DAB for DC Distribution Network
C0575 A Novel Robust Frequency Adaptive Single- Phase Phase-Locked Loop Based on Second- Order Generalized Integrator
C0580 Improved control of grid-connected photovoltaic energy storage system based on virtual resistance
C0693 Current Harmonics Suppression Scheme for GaN-Based DCM Grid-Tied Micro-Inverters
C0920 Design of Transverse Flux Induction Heater for Ultrathin Aluminum Foil
C0962 A Self-Excitement Based Impedance Measuring Method for Grid_Connected Inverters
C0982 Hybrid linear predictive control scheme based on PIR and MPC for MMC
C0992 Common Mode Voltage Suppression for Three-Level Neutral Point-Clamped Inverters
C1086 Decomposition of multi-frequency signals in electric vehicles under colored noise background
D.Advanced Power Devices (Si, SiC, GaN devices etc) and Their Applications        18
D0040 A Novel Model of Dynamic Miller Capacitance for SiC MOSFET
D0060 Investigation into the On-Resistance Shift Phenomenon of 650V Commercial GaN Power Devices with Different Structures
D0361 Conduction Thermal Runaway of SiC MOSFET With Natural Convection Heat Dissipation
D0385 Optimization of Turn-on Loss Reduction and Analytical Model of Si/SiC Hybrid switch
D0393 Investigation of Threshold Voltage shift for SiC MOSFET in Switching Operation
D0531 Recoverable Current Collapse Effect of p-GaN HEMTs under Short Circuit Stress
D0546 Gate Driver Optimization on Crosstalk Suppression and Gate-source Voltage Oscillation for SiC MOSFETs
D0622 Design of a Novel Double sided Cooling SiC Power Module Based on Multiple DBC-Stacked
D0676 A Modulation Method for Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converter with GaN HEMT Synchronous Rectification
D0745 Junction Temperature Estimation Method for SiC MOSFET Considering Aging Effect
D0752 The Impact of Unbalanced Condition on Short-Circuit Performance of Multi-chip Parallel SiC MOSFETs
D0856 In-situ SiN Passivated GaN Power HEMTs on 6-inch Sapphire
D0880 A high power density gate driver integrated SiC multichip power module with lower parasitic inductance
D0901 A GaN HEMT Integrated Power Module with Silver Sintering Processes
D0913 A Predictive Method of Crosstalk Peak Considering Packaging Parameters for SiC MOSFETs
D0957 Investigation of the Bipolar Characteristic of Unipolar SiC Power Devices in the High Temperature Applications
D0983 Design of Highly Efficient and Compact SiC Wind Power Converter Considering Wind Speed Profile
D1024 Framework for Determining Optimal Grid Filter and Frequency in SiC Wind Power Converter
E.Magnetics, EMI, Passive Integration and Digital Manufacture Technology        9
E0141 Impacts of Different Gaps on Parasitic Capacitance in Magnetic Components
E0204 An Improved Model to Calculate Inductance of Planar Air-Core Inductor
E0241 Sensitivity analysis of SSP compensation Capacitance parameters and ZVS implementation in Wireless Power Transfer System
E0397 Analysis of Connection Optimization in Planar Magnetic Component Winding Loss
E0618 EMI noise analysis for a High-frequency power inductor model based PFC converters
E0669 Analysis and Reduction of Common-mode Noise in Cellular RDCX Converter
E0705 EMI Analysis of MMC-DAB System Based Transmission Line High Frequency Model
E0984 An Iterative Scheme for the Magnetic Field Synthesis of Electromagnetic Navigation Systems
E1014 Ultra-High power density point-of-load converter design based on a six-phase coupled inductor with small leakage inductance
F.Reliability, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Protection of Power Electronics        19
F0056 Resonance Frequency Perturbation based Common-mode Parameters Identification for Inverter-Fed Machine Considering Frequency-Dependent Effect
F0067 Ageing bonding wires equivalent resistance change law based on temperature distribution coefficient
F0073 A Quasi-Online Measurement for the Threshold Voltage of SiC MOSFET
F0196 A Data-driven Surface Temperature Estimation Method for Lithium-ion Battery Based on GRU- RNN with Attention Mechanism
F0320 Optimized Design and Analysis of Clip Bonding Package for Avalanche Bipolar Junction Transistor
F0356 Asymmetric Short-circuit Current-limiting Control Strategy for MMC Based on Continuous Supply of Non-faulty Loads
F0401 A Gate Voltage Clamping Method to Improve the Short-Circuit Characteristic of SiC MOSFET
F0408 Junction Temperature Measurement for Two IGBTs of Half-bridge via Emitter Parasitic Inductance Voltage Undershoot
F0536 A Method for Aging Evaluation of Thyristors under Steady State Temperature Stress Based on PCB Rogowski Coil Current Sensor
F0541 Novel Plug-Socket DC Connector Based on Solid-State Switch for DC Building Applications
F0567 A Bidirectional Solid-State Circuit Breaker Based on Si/SiC Hybrid Switch
F0579 Harmonic Active Routing Between DC-link Capacitor Bank and DC/DC Stage for Reliability Enhancement in the Application of SST
F0634 Comparative Analysis on Thermal Performance and Reliability of Discrete SiC MOSFET in Press-pack Package and Wire-bonded Package
F0733 Comparing the Aging Characteristics of Quasi-Solid-State Lithium Batteries and Traditional Lithium Batteries
F0754 Design and Modelling of the PCB Rogowski Coil With Multiple Vias for Power Devices
F0781 Design of PCB Rogowski Current Sensor With Digital Compensation for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter
F0822 Numerical Simulation and Application of Space Charge Characteristics of Silicone Elastomer for Device Packaging
F0970 Mission Profile Emulator for Individual Sub-module in Cascaded H-bridge Converter-based Battery Energy Storage Systems
F0979 Accelerated Aging Test of Metallized Film Capacitors in Modular Multilevel Converter Based on Mission Profile Emulator
G.Conversion and Control Technologies for Renewable Energy and Storage Systems        25
G0033 A Low-Frequency Power Decoupling Method Based on Differential Split-Capacitor CLLLC Converter
G0109 Reconfigurable Modular PV Converter for Flexible Overcurrent Capacity
G0194 Operation Control Method of the Wind-Solar-Energy Storage Dominated Islanded Microgrid Used for Hydrogen Production
G0219 A Comprehensive Optimized Control Group for the Dual-Active-Bridge dc-dc Converter
G0251 Superior performance of pouch cell lithium-ion capacitors based on PVDF-HFP/PAN gel electrolyte
G0298 Novel Fully Distributed Robust Voltage/Var Control for High Proportion Distributed PV Networks
G0308 Smart Load With Reduced Energy Storage Based on Fractional-Order Components
G0329 A Resonant Switched-Capacitor LLC DCX in Data Center Applications
G0375 Research on Optimal Configuration of Generator-Hybrid Energy Storage in Aircraft HVDC Power Supply System with High Power Pulsating Load
G0517 An Adaptive Power Process Forecasting Method for Multi-Load Rail Transit System
G0607 A Fast and Simple Open-Circuit-Fault Diagnosis for T-Type Three-Level Power Converters
G0644 Optimized Maximum Power Point Tracking for PV System Under Partial Shading Conditions
G0647 PMSG LVRT Strategy with Frequency Divided Droop Control of Supercapacitor
G0655 Repeated Resonant Extended State Observer Based Active Disturbance Control for Power Conversion System with LLCL Filter
G0679 Indirect Frequency Control Method for Rotor Power Reduction of Large DFIG Individually Linked to Medium Voltage DC Grid
G0756 Charge-Discharge Management Strategy of Battery in Hybrid Power Generation System of Marine Clean Energy
G0771 Integrated grid connected system of offshore wind energy and Marine current energy power generation
G0836 A Robust Predictive Current Control of T-Type Three-Level Power Converters Based on Adaptive Linear Neural Network
G0891 Three-phase partial power control converter based on SHEPWM
G0904 Design and Analysis of a Step-up Multi Port Converter for Energy Conversion in Photovoltaic Battery Systems
G0908 A Backflow Power Optimization Method for Three-level ANPC-DAB Converter
G0942 A Design Method of Magnetic Component Parameters for the Minimum Current Stress and Full ZVS Capability of Dual Active Bridge Converters
G1025 A Parameter Design Method of Offshore Wind Farm Integration Via DRU-HVDC Concerning the Harmonic and Resonance Stability Characteristics
G1096 Frequency Characteristics Analysis in the Low-Frequency Range for Energy Storage MMC
G1112 A distributed frequency response control for offshore wind farm integration system via DRU-HVDC
H.Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution        10
H0227 Winding Loss Calculation in Gapped Inductor by Considering Relative Permeability of Core
H0302 Black Start-up Strategy of MMC in Series with Diode Rectifier Converter for Offshore Wind Farms
H0640 A New Buck-Boost AC/DC Converter with Two Switches for DC Microgrid
H0734 High Frequency Oscillation Energy Propagation In MMC-HVDC Receiving-End Converter Station
H0750 A Novel PET Topology Using Voltage Source Converter and Direct AC-AC Choppers Based on Medium-Frequency Isolation
H0797 Grid Support Strategy Based on Phase-Locked Loop of Inverters
H0967 Fault Protection Scheme for Embedded Multiport Flexible ac Interconnector
H0972 Post-Fault Restoration after Short-Circuit Fault for Serial-Shunt Multiport Soft Normally Open Points
H0998 Circulating Current Analysis and Suppression of Isolated Modular Multilevel DC Transformer
H1019 A Capacitor Voltage Balancing Method for a Buck Modular Multilevel DC Transformer under Light Load Conditions
I.Power Electronics for Motor Drives and Transportations        17
I0064 Development of a Model for AC Induction Motor and Direct Torque Control Drive Parameter Estimation Using Statistical Analysis
I0172 Smith Predictor-based Decoupled Discrete Current Control for Five-phase PMSM at Low Sampling-to- Fundamental Frequency Ratios
I0235 Backstepping-Design-based Harmonic Suppression Enhancement for Position Estimation of IPMSM
I0486 Binary Search Based Flexible Power Control for Single-Stage Multiport Inverter-Fed Motor Drives
I0559 A data model-based diagnosis method for voltage sensor intermittent faults of motor drive system
I0560 Data-driven Online Fault Diagnosis Method for Single-Phase PWM Rectifiers
I0658 A Novel Hybrid Model Predictive Current Control for PMSM System
I0665 A novel sensorless control for PMSM Drives
I0718 IGBT Junction Temperature Monitoring Based on Turn-off Current
I0819 Model-Free Predictive Torque Control of PMSM Drives with Measurement Noise Suppression
I0847 IPMSM composite full-speed range sensorless control
I0860 LC Oscillation Suppression Method Based on SOGI-FLL for PM Traction System
I0885 Torque ripple suppression method for the robust predictive current control system of SynRM based on multi-resonant control
I0886 High Performance Sensorless Control of Brushless DC Motor Based on A Novel Sliding Mode Observer
I0889 Cross-cancellation Sliding Mode Observer-based Sensorless Control of PMSLM
I0893 Fault Method Strategy for Inter-Turn Short Circuit Based on Linear Extended State Observer
I0965 Research on current chopping control method of switched reluctance electromagnetic speed regulating motor
J.Power Electronics for Converter Dominated Grid-Forming Power System        10
J0279 A Strong-Grid-Friendly Voltage Control Method of Grid-Forming Inverters
J0283 Primary Frequency Regulation with Improved Frequency Deadband Control of Grid-forming Storage Inverter for Longer Lifespan
J0478 A Power Decoupling Strategy for Virtual Oscillator Controlled Grid-forming Inverters based on Impedance and Voltage Compensation
J0662 Low Frequency Oscillation Analysis of Power System with Large-scale Renewable Energy Access
J0837 Low-Frequency Passivity Characterization of Grid-Forming Inverter
J0976 Terminal Voltage Dynamics Analysis and Stability Assessment of Gird Forming Converters with the Impact of Grid Current Feedforward Control
J1003 Control Flexibility of Power Converters for Seamless Transition between Grid-Following and Grid-Forming Modes
J1006 Stability Analysis of Grid-Forming Inverters with Voltage and Current Feedforward
J1021 A Coordinated PV-Battery GFM Control for Power Management and Frequency Support
J1035 Inertia-Oriented Hybrid Synchronization Control of Grid-Forming Inverters
K.Power Electronics for Wireless Power Transfer        15
K0080 Control strategy based on parameter identification of IPT system without wireless communication
K0114 A no-communication efficiency optimization method for wireless power transfer system
K0139 A Dual Channel Transmission Strategy Based on SS Circuit
K0234 Realization of CC and CV With ZPA Using S-TT Compensation Network for WPTS
K0248 A Design Method of the Bilateral LC-Compensated CPT System with Constant Output Voltage Considering the Secondary Inductance
K0291 A Misalignment-Insensitive Dual-Channel Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System with a Novel Antiparallel Cross-Shaped Solenoid Pad
K0398 Electrical Parameter Design of MFRC-Based Multiple-Drone In-Flight Wireless Charging Systems
K0452 An Misalignment-Tolerant IPT Converter with Asymmetric Rectangular-Solenoid Coupler
K0490 SVPWM Control Strategy of Single-Phase F-Type Three-Level Inverter for Wireless Power Transfer System
K0568 A Novel LCC-S Compensated Inductive Power Transfer System with Inherent Constant Current and Constant Voltage Charging
K0592 Design and Implementation of A Three-phase Underwater Wireless Charging System Based on Segmented Arc Transmitter Coil
K0768 Double Cavity Coupling Structure Design of a Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer System Under Seawater
K0779 Comparative Evaluation of Three-phase Unipolar and Three-phase Bipolar Coils in Wireless Power Transfer
K0926 A Capacitive Power Transfer System Designed for Variation of Loads
K1115 A IPT System with High-misalignment Tolerance and Constant Output Voltage and Current
L.Power Electronics for Power ICs, Lighting, Consumer Electronics, ICT, Medical, IoT and Energy Harvesting etc.        10
L0212 A Self-Powered Multi-input Interface Circuit for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Using SECE and One Shared Inductor
L0509 Boundary of continuous current mode and discontinuous current mode for IPT converter
L0550 Analysis and Optimization of PCB Layout for A 12-V-to-1-V Hybrid-Switched-Capacitor VRM with Switched Intermediate Voltage Rail
L0597 A Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter with Adaptive Single-Boundary Hysteretic Control
L0642 A Battery to 15~36V Hybrid Boost Converter with 14.4x Max VCR for LED-Lighting
L0888 Model Predictive Control Based on Newton-Raphson Iterative Method of Triple-Active-Bridge Converter
L0989 Effect of Multiple Combination Modes of Reactive Components on the Response of Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester
L0996 A rotational electromagnetic energy harvester with a self-powered MPPT circuit for IoT applications
L1002 A Synchronized Multiple Bias-flip Interface Circuit for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Using Optimized Switched-Capacitor Arrays
L1007 A Wireless Voting System Built with Many Battery-free Motion-powered Bluetooth Buttons
M.Power-to-X Technologies        5
M0023 Modelling of hydrogen production through wind and photovoltaic electrolysis: A review
M0026 A multi-port converter structure based on port interconnection for hybrid energy storage system
M0554 APS Modulation Optimization of High-frequency Partial Paralleled DAB Converter using Improved PSO Algorithm
M0664 Design of High-Power Pulsed Laser Power Supply
M0866 Thermal modeling and control strategy for alkaline water electrolyzers cold start
N.BigData, Artificial Intelligence, and Security in Power Electronics Systems        5
N0211 Identifying Parameter of Boost Converter Based on Data Mechanism Combination Method
N0313 Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Li-ion Batteries Using an improved CNN-LSTM Model
N0383 A Deep Transfer Learning Framework for Li-ion Battery Temperature Prediction Based on LSTM Pretraining Model
N0628 Performance Modeling for Power Converters with Light Gradient Boosting Machine
N1029 A Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Gate Recurrent Unit Fully Convolutional Network for Power Router
O.Other Invited Topics and Emerging Topics in Power Electronics        13
O0044 An Extented Single Particle Method for Lithium-ion Batteries
O0097 Broadband Lithium-Ion Batteries Impedance Measurement Using Bidirectional Converter with Model Predictive Control
O0158 An Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy-based Model for Lithium-Ion Batteries with Solid Phase Diffusion Process
O0390 State estimation of lithium-ion batteries using adaptive extended Kalman filter and long short-term memory networks
O0412 The interactions analysis for high frequency transformers insulation under multi-stress of high voltage, high frequency, and high temperature
O0417 Space Charge Characteristics of Epoxy/BN@SiO2 Nanocomposites Used in Solid State Transformer
O0434 Electromagnetic-thermal coupled simulation of a 10 kW,10kHz high-frequency transformer considering the dynamic electromagnetic parameters of materials
O0524 Thermal Conductivity and Breakdown Strength of Epoxy Resin Hybrid Composites Under High Temperatures
O0600 Broadband Equivalent Circuit Modeling for Medium Voltage High-Frequency Transformers with Multi-Shielding Structure
O0851 Optimal Design of Full-Bridge Three-Level LLC Converter Based on Time-Domain Analysis
O1108 Effect of superimposed harmonics on partial discharge characteristics of insulation in power electronic transformers
O1111 Reduced-Order 3D Thermal Resistance Model for Real-Time Temperature Monitoring of Multi-Chip IGBT Modules
O1118 Capacity Optimization Configuration of Aircraft Energy Storage Units Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Neural Network Algorithms
A.Advanced DC/DC converters and Power Factor Correction Converters        29
A0096 An Interleaved Buck/Boost-Sepic Converter with Low Current Ripple
A0100 A High-Efficient Single-Phase Cascaded Three-Level AC/DC Converter With Variable DC Bus Voltage
A0116 A T-type Three-level DAB AC/DC Converter With Multi-mode Optimized Modulation Strategy
A0157 Optimization Design of Contactor Driver for Electric Vehicle
A0191 Current Balancing Scheme for Asymmetric Three-level/two-level Three-phase Dual-active Bridge Converter
A0266 A Parameter Design Method for L-LLC Resonant Converter
A0282 Neutral-Point Voltage Control Strategy of Vienna Rectifiers Based on Hybrid DPWM
A0284 Hybrid Mode Optimal Asymmetric Duty Modulation for DAB Converters with the Aid of DC Blocking Capacitors
A0303 Research on low cross regulation multiple high voltage output converter based on magnetic decoupling
A0470 LADRC-Based Large-Signal Stability Enhancement for Microgrid Energy Storage Converter
A0526 An RMS Current Oriented Optimal Design Method for Bidirectional CLLC-DCX Converter
A0561 Multi-Winding Coupled-Inductor and LC Series Resonant Voltage Balancer for Distributed Photovoltaic MVDC Integration
A0570 Research on load transfer scheme and control strategy of multi-terminal DC distribution network based on power flow controller
A0578 Optimization Study for the Influence of Parasitic Parameters in Aerospace Power Supply Based on GaN
A0595 A Hybrid Control Method for high power LLC Converter with Wide Output Voltage Range
A0620 Modeling and Control of an Improved CLLC Converter for Wide Voltage Range Applications
A0621 An Improved SWISS Rectifier Without DC Filter Inductance and Design Consideration on Its Transformer Parameters
A0646 Ultra-low Voltage and Large Conversion Ratio DC-DC Converter for Electromagnetic Pump
A0661 A Noise-shaped Buck Converter Using a Noise- Coupled Second Order Delta-Sigma Modulator
A0681 Sampled-Data Modeling of Digitally Controlled Boost Converter With Trailing-Edge and Leading-Edge Modulations
A0697 Study of Different Control Strategies on a Novel Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converter
A0709 Power Loss Minimization Control for Double-Clamped ZVS Buck-Boost Converter
A0717 An Adaptive Model Predictive Control for Three-Level Hybrid Flying Capacitor Boost Converter in Photovoltaic System
A0730 Design Guidelines for Y capacitance in Two-stage AC-DC Converter based on CM Noise caused by Totem-pole PFC
A0748 Flexible Mode Totem Pole PFC Rectifier With High Efficiency
A0766 An Optimized SPWM Strategy Against Detuning Effect in UWPT System Based on FPGA
A0935 Research on Wide Output Step-down Converter Based on One Cycle Control
A0946 Optimization Design Method for Printed Circuit Board Self-resonant Coil
A1000 Redundancy design and reliability modeling of GaN-based flying capacitor multilevel converter
B.Advanced DC/AC Inverter Topologies, Modulations, and Controls        30
B0041 A Novel Single-Phase Three-Wire Three-Level Power Converter with a Balance Bridge
B0046 A Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient Algorithm Based Controller with Adjustable Learning Rate for DC-AC Inverters
B0218 Parallel operation modulation strategy based on three-layer objective switching sequence design for coupled ten-switch inverter
B0261 A Family of Single-Stage Multiport Inverters for Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation
B0293 Harmonic Suppression Strategy of Grid-connected Current Based on Energy-shaping Control
B0374 Multiperiodic Fractional-Order Selective Harmonic Repetitive Voltage Control Scheme of Three-phase Programmable AC Power Sources
B0421 Multi-frequency Grid-connected Inverter Topology and Control for Increasing Power Density
B0438 Mechanisms and Method for Active Power Sharing and Zero Frequency Deviation in Decentralized Control
B0471 A Signle-phase Off-line Inverter in Critical Conduction Mode using GaN Devices
B0473 A Control Strategy For Suppressing Common Mode Current
B0569 Pareto-Optimal Design of Passive Damping for High-Power Grid-Connected Voltage-Source Inverter
B0574 A Three-Phase Si & SiC Hybrid Three-Level Hybrid Legs (Hybrid2) Inverter with Optimal Power Quality and Low Cost
B0591 SiC and Si hybrid Multilevel Current Source Inverter and its Space Vector Modulation Scheme
B0612 PT Control Strategy Based on Differential Boost Inverter
B0659 Enhanced Adaptive Virtual Impedance Control Method for Harmonic Voltage Mitigation in Parallel Grid-Forming Inverters
B0666 Operating Principles of Series-connected IGBTs Based on Active Clamping Circuit in Voltage Source Converters
B0715 Sequence Impedance Modeling of VSG-Based Grid-Forming Direct-Drive PMSG Wind Turbine
B0728 Research on Split-Source Two-Stage Matrix Converter and Its Modulation Strategy
B0764 A Modified Fractional Level Modulation Strategy for Fractional Level MMC
B0765 Arm Average Model and Operational Characteristics Analysis of Modular Multilevel Converter with Integrated Battery Energy Storage System
B0818 A Switched-Capacitor Nine-Level Inverter With Hybrid PWM Strategy and Inductive-Load Ability
B0826 Performance Analysis of Asynchronous Pulse-Width-Modulation at Low Carrier Ratios
B0846 Multiple Complex Coefficient Filter Based Grid Impedance Estimation and Voltage Feedforward Method for Weak Grid Connected Three-phase Inverter
B0931 Double-Time-Scale Active Thermal Control for Single Inverter with Variable Frequency SPWM
B0937 The Influence of Sampling Aliasing Introduced by Crystal Oscillator Frequency Errors on the Stability of the Droop Control System
B0949 A Splitting Modulation Strategy for Arm Multiplexing Modular Multilevel Converter
B0952 A Precharge Control Strategy for Arm Multiplexing Modular Multilevel Converter
B0963 Open-Circuit Fault-Tolerant Operation for Three-Level Quasi-Z-Source Active Neutral Point Clamp Inverter
B1001 A Carrier-Based DPWM for T-Type Three-Level Inverter with ZSV Injected by Searching Neutral Point Current
B1027 Design of Compact High Efficiency Energy Storage Converters Based on Hybrid Three-Level Topology
C.Advanced Control, Modeling, Simulation, and Stability of Power Electronics Systems        32
C0059 The Interaction Between Active Power and Synchronization Loops of PMSG Within Electromechanical Timescale
C0062 Research on Control Strategy of Co-phase Traction Power Supply System Integrated with Hybrid Energy Storage System
C0149 Small-Signal Model for Dual Active Bridge Resonant Converters
C0193 Multi-frequency oscillation suppression method for DC bus voltages based on wavelet packet decomposition
C0202 Design of DC Voltage Controller for Master Station Based on System-Level Modeling in MTDC System
C0286 VSG-based all-phase difference pre-synchronization strategy without phase-locked loop
C0306 Parameters Optimization Design Method for Power Decoupling Control of Grid-connected Inverters in Medium Voltage Distribution Networks
C0358 Stability Analysis and Enhancement of Grid- Forming Inverters under Stiff Grid Conditions
C0364 Closed-loop Current Components Control Strategy of Operational Test System for MMC Valves
C0368 Research on Independent Modulation Strategy for Each Arm of Arm Multiplexing Modular Multilevel Converter
C0377 Design of Passive Damping Filter for High-Frequency Oscillation Suppression of MMC
C0389 Study of Stability Analysis and Design Method for Current Source Converter Connected to Three-phase Voltage Source Converter
C0435 Optimized adaptive three-phase active inductance considering multiple factors
C0447 Research on the Control Strategy of Low Voltage and Low Frequency Pulsed Loads
C0461 Modelling and Design of LCL-Filtered T-Type Inverters for Common-Mode Resonance Current Suppression in High-Power Applications
C0488 A Novel Active Capacitive Oscillation Suppressor for DC Bus Voltage
C0528 Impact of Power Control Parameters on the Passivity of Grid-forming Inverters
C0558 Detection Threshold Design for DC Islanding Detection with Static Disturbing Frequency
C0564 Stability and Application Analysis of SAPF with PCC Harmonic Voltage Detection
C0638 A Switching-Loss-Matching Model for Power Electronics Real-Time Simulation
C0675 Equivalent Physical Model of Modular Multilevel Converter Considering Internal Dynamics
C0787 Modeling and Stability Discrimination of High Permeability System Considering Fundamental Frequency Disturbance
C0806 Research on the Effects of Grid-forming Control on Islanding Detection Effectiveness of Distributed Energy Resources
C0814 Investigation on Fault Current Characteristics of Droop-Controlled Inverter With Virtual Impedance Emulation
C0823 Model Prediction-based Virtual Synchronous Machine Control for Improving Transient Frequency Security and Stability of Wind Power Interconnected Power Systems
C0825 Research on Multi-terminal Coordinated Control Strategy of Fractional Frequency Transmission System
C0834 Simulation Method for Multiscale Failure of Optocoupler Based on Aging of Solder Layer in Photovoltaic MOSFET
C0838 An Improved Grid-Current-Feedback Active Damping Method for LCL-Type Grid Connected Inverter
C0898 A Novel Droop Control of Grid Converter to Enhance Small Signal Stability of Fractional Frequency Wind Power System
C0907 An Improved Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control for UPQR to optimize series side THD
C0909 Dynamic Response Optimization Of A DABSRC Based On Feedforward Control
C0954 Grounding effectiveness analysis and overvoltage characteristics study of distributed photovoltaic system
D.Advanced Power Devices (Si, SiC, GaN devices etc) and Their Applications        20
D0027 Evaluation Bench with Voltage Balancing Capability for High Voltage SiC MOSFET
D0205 Off-line Condition Detection for Bond Wire Degradation of IGBT Module Through On-state Voltage in Series Short-circuit
D0208 Series Short-circuit Dynamic Characterization on SiC MOSFETs in Comparison to Si IGBTs
D0301 Comparative Study on Reliability and Application Features of SiC MOSFET
D0341 Development of 1200V/150A High Temperature High Current SiC JBS Diodes
D0519 Simulation of Thermal Distribution in SiC Power Modules with Pinfin Heatsink Based on Lattice Boltzmann Method
D0537 An Adaptive On-state Voltage Measurement Circuit with Expandable Units for High Voltage IGBT Module
D0542 Online Junction Temperature Extraction With Gate Voltage for Thyristor Considering the Pressure Variation
D0545 The Influence of Packaging on the High Voltage SiC MOSFET Termination
D0631 Sensitivity Analysis and Suppression Method on PETT Oscillations under Short Circuit Condition of High-Power IGBT Modules
D0674 Development of a Thermal Simulation System Based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
D0725 The Impact and Optimization of Parasitic Capacitance in Silicon Carbide Power Module Switching Characteristics
D0741 Enhanced Thermal Performance of Power Module with an Integrated AlN Ceramic Heatsink
D0800 Transient Thermal Management of Press-Pack Thyristor using Stacked Structure and Phase Change Material
D0865 Factors Affecting Dynamic Voltage Imbalance in IGBT Series Connection Based on Behavior Model
D0986 The Influence of Parasitic Parameters of Power Modules on CM Current during Switching Transients
D1026 Design and Demonstration of 3D SiC Power Module With Low Parasitic Inductance and Low Thermal Resistance
D1030 Design and Assessment of SiC Multi-chip Power Module With Kelvin Source
D1032 Comparative Assessment of Thermal Performance of Automotive Power Module With Oval Pin-Fin
D1113 Improvement of the Square Root t Method in Junction Temperature Measurement of SiC MOSFET in Power Cycling Test
E.Magnetics, EMI, Passive Integration and Digital Manufacture Technology        22
E0057 A Hybrid EMI Filter Design for Motor Drive System Based on Common-Mode Impedance Optimization
E0061 Uniformly Distributed Spread Spectrum Modulation Technique for Vienna Rectifier Based on Current Ripple Control
E0090 Magnetic Field Modeling in Low-voltage Circuit Region of Medium-voltage H-bridge Module
E0237 Analysis of Multi-source Spectrum in PV Inverter Considering EMI Accumulation Effect
E0240 Design of Isolated Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter for Aerospace
E0242 A Current Doubler Rectifier Magnetic Integration With Improved Power Density
E0260 Research on Parameter Modeling and Turn Optimization Design Method of WPT Magnetically Coupled System
E0270 Design consideration of magnetic coupling system and its optimization technique in wireless power transfer system
E0343 Design of an Integrated Magnetic Structure for a CLLC Resonant Converter
E0351 Analysis of EMI Mixed-mode Noise Mechanism of Three-phase Motor Drive System
E0396 Design of Hybrid EMI Filter Based on Planar Magnetic Integration
E0457 Effect of Core Thickness on Coil Loss and Temperature in WPT System
E0462 Measurement and Research of DC Magnetization Curves Based on DC Excitation Method
E0472 Active EMI filters based on the fractional order compensation
E0581 Investigation for the Influence of Snubber Loss on Suppressing SiC MOSFET Switching Oscillation
E0680 Study on Common Mode EMI Characteristic Modeling Method of Planar Transformer
E0692 Development of an Inductor Design Tool based on Multi-Objective Optimization and Finite Element Simulation
E0700 Analysis of Skin Effect Influence in Underwater AC Transmission System
E0713 Study on core loss model of Super high frequency PWM wave excitation
E0760 A Novel CM Active EMI Filter based on Isolated Voltage Sensing Approach
E0777 Conducted EMI Noise Analysis Model for PFC Converters Based on Modeling of EMI Receiver
E0917 Radiated EMI Modeling of SMPS with Connected Cables Considering Wiring Features
F.Reliability, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Protection of Power Electronics        30
F0034 Monitoring Method of Solder Layer Void Damage of IGBT Module Based on Transfer Function
F0078 Reliability Estimation of Power Converter in the Energy Storage System
F0112 An Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis for Three-Level Inverters based on S transform -SVD and IM-DBN
F0159 A PV Module Life Prediction Method with Flexible Consideration of Environmental Stress Coupling Weights
F0188 Impact of Short-Circuit Events on the Threshold Voltage Instability of SiC MOSFETs
F0199 Investigation of Short-circuit Failure Mechanism in 1.2kV SiC MOSFET
F0223 Research on internal reactive power optimization of large photovoltaic power plants based on particle swarm algorithm
F0228 IGBT Thermal Model Theory and Analysis for Device-To-System-Level Electrothermal Simulations
F0246 Vegetation Shading Fault Diagnosis in Photovoltaic Power Stations Based on SVM
F0277 Capacitor health evaluation method considering stochasticity from multiple independent sources
F0285 Improved PSO-BPNN Multi-parameter Identification Method and Its Application in Battery Thermal Network Model
F0348 Open-circuit Fault Diagnosis Method of ANPC Three-level Inverter based on Joint Optimized Echo State Network
F0380 A Cost-Effective Three-phase AC Solid-State Circuit Breaker with A Single Gate Driver
F0405 A Novel Time-sharing Conduction Method for Improving SiC MOSFET Reliability
F0431 A Hierarchical Control Method for Pulse Power-Oriented Airborne Hybrid Energy Systems
F0445 Capacitor Condition Monitoring for Cascaded H-Bridge Based on Recursive Least Squares Method
F0460 A Condition Monitoring Method of SiC MOSFET Gate Oxide Degradation
F0487 Remaining Lifetime Estimation of Retired Batteries Based on Multiple Deep Neural Network Ensembles
F0539 Electrical Fault Diagnosis of Servo Motor Misalignment Based on LSTM Model
F0548 Short Circuit Detection Method for GaN MIS-HEMT Power Devices based on Gate Leakage Charge
F0553 Full-Range Thermal-Optimal Modulation for Reactive Capacity Enhancement of Wind Power Converter during LVRT
F0566 An AKF-Based Online Power Loss Observation Method for Power Device Junction Temperature Monitoring Applications
F0596 An Online On-state Voltage Measurement Circuit With Controlled Current Source for Thyristors
F0650 Reliability Analysis of Multi-terminal VSC-HVDC Based on Semi-Markov Process
F0685 An Accurate Protection Strategy for High-Power Spacecraft Power System
F0753 Low-Power Consumption Passive Harmonic Reduction Circuit at DC-Side Applied in a 24-Plus Rectifier
F0804 Electrolytic Failure Modeling of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor by Finite Element Method
F0947 Remaining Lifetime Prediction of Lithium Battery based on Support Vector Machine Kalman Filter
F0950 Multi-Sensor Weighted Fusion Algorithm for High Voltage Transformer based on Neural Network
F0953 An Improved LLC Topology with High Fault Tolerance Ability
G.Conversion and Control Technologies for Renewable Energy and Storage Systems        30
G0055 Research on backflow power of three-port converter applied to optical storage straight soft
G0148 A Fast Frequency Active Support Control Strategy for Multiple Wind Farms and Energy Storage
G0174 Development on battery DC-DC active equalization algorithm based on microprocessor
G0265 Grid-Connected Current Double Loop Feedback Suppression Strategy of Parallel Inverter in the Weak Grid
G0275 Modeling and Suppression Strategy Research on Frequency Coupling of Droop Control
G0287 A Coordinated Control Method for DC Microgrid with PV and Energy Storage Based on Multi-voltage-loop Competition
G0289 Cooperative Optimization of Hybrid Energy Storage for an Isolated Microgrid Considering Battery Grouping
G0295 Design of wave energy generation system for island microgrid
G0338 A Reactive Power Sharing Strategy of Parallel Inverters Based on Parameter Perturbation
G0344 Study of limited harmonic current compensation strategy for single-phase photovoltaic grid-connected inverter
G0352 Grid-forming Control of A Multi-terminal Flexible Interconnector and Interaction Stability Analysis With the Distribution Network
G0388 A Modulation Method to Realize Soft Switching for Three-Phase Matrix AC-DC Converter
G0429 A High-precision Method of Online Battery Impedance Identification
G0500 Design of adaptive SOC balance control for multi-port power electronic transformer with battery energy storage system based on fuzzy theory
G0551 An Optimized Neural Network Based Power Decoupling Strategy for Three-Port Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converters
G0630 Complex Transfer Function-Based Stability Criterion for Grid-Connected Converters
G0663 A Quasi-Trapezoidal Modulation Method with Zero-Voltage Switching for Single-Phase Inverters
G0686 Input Current Ripple Suppression of Single-stage Bidirectional DC-AC Converter in Battery Energy Storage System
G0698 Principle of Operation and Magnetic Circuit Analysis of a Doubly Salient Homopolar Motor for Flywheel Energy Storage Systems
G0721 Research and application of optimal control method for solar heat storage microgrid system
G0736 Grid Impedance Estimation Technique for Grid-Connected Converters Based on Impedance Sensing by Recursive Least Squares
G0755 A Multi-Input Single-Output DC-DC Converter with Fuzzy Supervisor Controller for Hybrid Renewable Energy Applications
G0794 Inertia Response Characteristics of PMSG based WECS with VSG Control
G0810 A Feedforward Pitch Control Strategy using LiDAR measurement considering Wind Evolution under Extreme Gust Conditions
G0815 A LiDAR-Assisted Reference Feedforward Bias Control Algorithm for Wind Turbines
G0816 A dynamic compensation control strategy for maximum power point tracking based on Feedforward control by using LIDAR
G0854 A Reactive Power Substitution Strategy for Wind Farm Considering the Available Reactive Capacity of Wind Turbines
G0890 Impedance Model Based Inverter Control Parameter Optimization with Stability Limits
G0910 Double Layer Load Shifting Method for Central Air Conditioning in High Speed Railway Station
G0916 Active Frequency Response Method of Variable Frequency Load for Power Balancing in Microgrid
H.Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution        19
H0069 Active battery equalization system based on Extended Kalman filter and DC-DC bidirectional flyback converter
H0111 Fault Current Limiting Method for MMC-HVDC Based on Virtual Inductance
H0145 A High Power Medium Frequency DC/DC Converter for MVDC Collection System
H0146 A Three-Level Three-Phase Sextuple-Voltage Dual-Active-Bridge Converter for Medium Voltage DC Transformer
H0147 A Novel DC Transformer with Modular Multilevel Structure for DC Distribution Power System
H0173 Research on partial discharge of polyimide of typical H3T insulation materials under high-frequency step waves
H0189 Modeling and Defect Analysis of Transformer-less Multilevel Back-to-back Cascaded H-bridge Converter
H0221 An Improved Control Strategy with Adaptive Dynamic Reference Control for DC Voltage Stabilization in Soft Open Point
H0437 Application of Resonant-type Modular Multilevel Converter in Distribution Networks
H0530 An Improved System Frequency Response Model Considering Load Rectifications
H0557 A Time-domain Unified Calculation Model for Power Transmission Characteristics of Dual Active Bridge Topology with TPS Modulation Strategies
H0651 Transient Surge Current Limitation with Magneto-Controlled Transformer during Voltage Regulation
H0654 Optimization of Current RMS Modulation Strategy for DAB Converters Based on Vector Analysis
H0724 Research on hierarchical cooperative voltage regulation strategy of new distribution network
H0827 Distribution Network Voltage Flexible Control Strategy Based on Hybrid Distribution Transformer and OLTC Cooperation
H0833 Load-Side Voltage Flexible Control Based On Active Electric Spring
H0849 Droop Control of Multi-Bus DC Microgrids Towards Economic Operation and Stability
H0867 Principle Analysis and Parameter Design of resonant-current-assisted arcless soft switching DC circuit breaker
H1099 A Modified Current-Mode Droop Control Scheme for DC Microgrids
I.Power Electronics for Motor Drives and Transportations        23
I0005 Low frequency speed fluctuation suppression strategy for permanent magnet synchronous motors based on integral sliding mode variable structure control
I0107 Research on Speed Sensorless Control Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Double Compound Manifold
I0324 Harmonic Analysis and Suppression of Position Sensorless Control by PMSM High Frequency Signal Injection Method Considering Inductive Asymmetry
I0346 Reducing Average Capacitor Voltage to Alleviate Current Stress in Modular Multilevel Converter
I0362 Filter Design for dv/dt and Leakage Current Reduction in SiC Motor Driving System
I0392 Improved Full-Speed Sensorless Control Strategy for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
I0442 An IGBT Thermal Resistance Estimation Method Based on the Optimized Miller Voltage Measurement Circuit
I0446 Research on Blind Zone Identification Method of IGBT Aliased Reflection Signals Based on STDR/SSTDR Signal Transmission Model
I0586 An Improved Model Predictive Control of Four-Level Active Neutral Point Clamped Inverter with Balanced Capacitor Voltage
I0599 A Novel Chip Branch Failure Monitoring Method in Multichip IGBT Modules Based on Gate-voltage Fall Time
I0601 Analysis of Current Imbalance Based on IGBT Aging Mode
I0635 Dynamic Sequential Model Predictive Control of Doubly Fed Asynchronous Wind Power System
I0648 Flux-Weakening control in an IMC-PMaSynRM System considering DC voltage disturbance
I0701 A Positive and Negative Crosstalk Suppression Method for High Current Bridge Configuration
I0722 A Multi-harmonic Subspaces Control for Open-end Winding Nine-phase PMSM With Third Harmonic Current Injection
I0855 Research on sensorless control of dual high frequency injection SynRM based on static shaft torque ripple suppression
I0879 Sliding Mode and Deadbeat Predictive Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
I0924 An Online Monitoring Circuit of IGBT Junction Temperature based on Switch Overshoot Voltage
I0925 A Comparative Study of Current Harmonics and Switching Frequency with Different Pulse Patterns in Model Predictive Control
I0929 Combined Active Flux and High-Frequency Injection Methods for Sensorless Control of Synchronous Reluctance Machines
I0955 A Survey of Maximum Power Tracking for Solar-Powered Mobile Platforms
I0991 Electric Machine Emulator Adopting Voltage-Response Model Without Differentiator
I1022 Vibration Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Considering Rotor Position Error Caused by Resolver Static Eccentricity
J.Power Electronics for Converter Dominated Grid-Forming Power System        15
J0038 Application of Energy Storage System in Low Voltage Ride Through and Frequency Regulation of Grid-forming Wind Turbines
J0297 Admittance Modeling for VSC With Dual-Sequence Current Controller under Unbalanced Grid
J0355 Flexible Power Injection Strategy for transient stability enhancement
J0426 Voltage Control Mode of SVG with Improved Current-Limiting Capability in the Weak Grid
J0521 Short-circuit Current Capability Comparison of Three-Level Active Neutral-Point-Clamped Converter under Different Modulation Schemes
J0758 A dVOC-based mode-switching strategy for grid-forming converters
J0788 Transient Stability Analysis of Paralleled VSGs Considering Damping Effect
J0791 GFL-GFM Dual-Mode Predictive Control of Power Converters for Stiffness-Varying Power Grids
J0802 Photovoltaic Generation Prediction under Hurricane Conditions Based on a Comprehensive Quantitative Model
J0803 Probabilistic Power Flow Analysis of Distribution Networks Considering Multiple Photovoltaic Reactive Power Control Modes
J0824 Reduced-order Symbolic Admittance Model and Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected Converters
J0828 Design of Stabilizing Control of Smart Transformer Using An Asymmetric Resonant Filter
J0934 Passivity-based current control of grid-following doubly fed induction generator system
J0973 Modeling and Stability Analysis of AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid with Bidirectional Inertia Support
J1033 Fault protection of Series Active Power Compensation Scheme
K.Power Electronics for Wireless Power Transfer        8
K0140 Calculation Method for Distributed Capacitance of Planar Spiral Coils in MHz Wireless Power Transfer System
K0152 A New Active Shielding Design for PCB-Based Wireless Power Resonators
K0436 A Biphase Narrow-rail System with Uniform Output Power for EV DWPT
K0805 Balanced Design Method for LCL/LCL Compensation Achieving Wide Load Range and High Misalignment Tolerance
K0820 A New Loosely Coupled Transformers with High Misalignment Tolerance
K0850 Deadtime period analysis of MHz LCCS wireless power transfer system considering harmonic effects
K0892 A Switch Type RF Energy Harvesting and Management System
K0978 A Technology of Evaluating Mutual Inductance and Load Resistance Based on Primary Side Information for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
L.Power Electronics for Power ICs, Lighting, Consumer Electronics, ICT, Medical, IoT and Energy Harvesting etc.        9
L0129 Characteristic, Design and Implementation of Electric Field Distribution in Capacitive Power Transfer Coupler
L0131 High-Frequency Non-Intrusive Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting and Equivalent Circuit Model
L0217 10MHz High Power Density Isolated Power Supply With Planar Transformer
L0239 A Novel Isolated LED Driver With Passive Power Factor Correction
L0311 PCB Layout Evaluation of GaN HEMT Half-Bridge Power Communtation Loop
L0610 Research on Control Strategy of Phase Shifted Full Bridge Converter Based on Pulse Load Current Feedforward
L0897 ANSYS-based Simulation and Analysis of Contact Insertion and Temperature Characteristics of Contacts
L0938 Frequency Support Capacity Assessment of Regional Power Grid Based on Inertia Ratio
L1017 A Modular Multilevel DC Power Amplifier with Two-Stage LC Output Filter
M.Power-to-X Technologies        3
M0085 Soft Switching Research of Dual-Active Bridge Converter based Partial Power Processing for Electrolysis Application
M0130 Multi-time Scale Optimization Energy Management System of Microgrid considering User-side Thermal Inertia
M0829 Analysis and comparison of partial power converters based on dual active bridge and isolated full bridge boost in hydrogen production system
N.Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Security in Power Electronics Systems        6
N0267 Life Prediction of Power Rectifier Diodes Based on GA-BP Algorithm
N0327 A Short-Term Prediction Method for PV Power Generation Based on SVM Weather Classification and PSO-BP Neural Network
N0333 Photovoltaic module hot spot detection via generative adversarial networks
N0627 Modeling of Dual Active Bridge Converter with Data Pruning for Optimal Current Stress Performance under EPS Modulation
N0915 Physical-information-based neural network grid- connected inverter impedance model
N0939 A Novel Semi-Supervised Data-Driven Stability Monitoring Method Based on EMD and SGAN for DC Microgrids
O.Other Invited Topics and Emerging Topics in Power Electronics        6
O0549 Nature Convection Heatsink Modeling and Optimization based on Nusselt Number Correlation
O0593 Modeling and Control Design of Grid-Forming Cascaded H-Bridge (CHB) Converter
O0801 Arm Phase-shift Conducting Modulation for T-Type Alternate Arm Multilevel Converter
O0807 Modeling and Control of Modular Multilevel Converters under Asymmetric Grid Conditions
O0859 System Architecture Analysis of Cooperative Control for Large-scale All-DC Wind Power Plant Clusters
O1097 Research on Electric Field Distribution of High-Frequency Transformers based on COMSOL and SIMULINK Co-simulation

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