Accepted Papers


A.Switching Power Supply: DC/DC converter, Power Factor Correction converter

A0057     Optimal Design of Integrated Magnetics and PCB Winding for CLL Resonant Converter

A0094     Current sharing control strategy in CRM mode for multi-module parallel Boost converter

A0096     A noval ZVS Control Scheme for Four-Switch Resonance Inverting bidirectional buck-boost DC/DC Converter for 5G-RF

               Power Amplifier

A0098     A Parameter Design Method Suitable for Single-Phase Single-Stage AC/DC LLC Converter
A0141     High-Frequency DC/DC Converter Based on Differential Load-Independent Class E Inverter

A0151     A Balancing Control Method for Flying Capacitors in Five-Level Buck/Boost Converter through Phase-Shift Control

A0169     Unified Modulation Strategy of Transient DC Bias Suppression for Dual Active Bridge Converter

A0176     Buck-Boost Type High Voltage DC Auxiliary Power Supply for Medium Voltage DC System

A0189     SPICE models for predicting EMC performance of a MOSFET based half-bridge configuration

A0210     Series-Connected Power Devices in a CLLC Resonant Converter for DC Transformer Applications

A0270     Impact Analysis of Parasitic Capacitance of High-Insulation High-Frequency Transformer on Series Resonant Converter

               and Optimal Design

A0275     A Sensorless Input Voltage Sharing Control for Input-Series Output-Parallel Dual-Active-Bridge Converters

A0278     A Hybrid Si/SiC CCM Interleaved Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC Converter with Coupled-Inductor and Hybrid-Frequency

                 Interleaving Operation

A0302     A SiC-Based Highly Integrated Bidirectional AC/DC Converter for PEV Charging Applications

A0362     Power Optimization Balance Control Strategy for Input-Series-Output-Parallel DAB Converter

A0392     An Adaptive Charging Strategy of Lithium-ion Battery for Loss Reduction with Thermal Effect Consideration

A0407     Design Optimization of A Multipermeability Inductor for DC/DC Converter Applications Based on Taguchi and GA Coupled


A0409     High-order Resonant Converter Based on Switched Capacitor Pre-voltage Reduction

A0441     Buck-Type Single-Switch Power Factor Correction Converter

A0458     Closed-Form Modulation Strategy for Current Minimization of Cascaded Buck+Boost Converters

A0463     Steady-state Analysis of a Three-port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles

A0468     Data-Driven Fault Classification for Non-Inverting DC–DC Buck–Boost Power Converter Based on Expectation

               Maximisation Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine Approaches

B.Inverter and control: DC/AC Inverter, Modulation and Control

B0035     A Distubuted Voltage and Frequency Restoration Method for Islanded Microgrid

B0036     Distributed Accurate Reactive Power Sharing Strategy for Islanded Microgrid

B0052     Model predictive control for NPC-type converter based on the discrete space vector modulation

B0053     An efficient model predictive direct power control scheme for Vienna rectifier with constant switching frequency

B0112     Model Predictive Control Method for Modular Multilevel Converter Based on Kalman Filter

B0116     Splicing Sinusoidal Overmodulation Technique Used in Three-phase NPC Five-level Inverters

B0135     Multiple Functions Control Strategy of Electric Spring based on Current-Source Inverter

B0153     An Economic MMC Sub-module Topology with DC Fault Clearing Capability

B0154     Three-loop control of SVG for improving dynamic and static characteristics

B0160     Stability Analysis and Design of the Current Controller based on Generalized Delayed Signal Cancellation for LCL Active

               Power Filters

B0165     Study on Fractional-order Electric Spring without Noncritical Load

B0188     A PR-RC Controller for LCL-Type SVG to Suppress the Harmonic Distortion

B0313     A universal modulation scheme based on event- driven in medium voltage converter

B0352     Common-Mode Voltage and Neutral-Point Voltage Fluctuation Suppression in Ten-Switch Three-Phase Three-Level

               Inverter Using Space-Vector Modulation

B0363     A Three-Phase Five-Level Boost Inverter

B0369     A Hierarchical Control Strategy for Isolated Microgrid with Energy Storage

B0371     A Novel Single-Stage Single-Phase Three-Level Buck-Boost Inverter

B0385     Finite Control Set - Model Predictive Control Based on Deadbeat Control for LCL-Type Grid-connected Inverters

B0445     Research on Grid Voltage Sensorless Model Predictive Control of Vienna Rectifier Based on Direct Power

B0447     Optimal LC Filter Design Method for Full-Digital-Controlled CRM Single-Phase Inverters

B0476     Multisampling Scheme for DC-link Voltages of Submodules in Cascaded H-Bridge Rectifiers with Single Voltage Sensor

C.Power Devices and applications: Si, SiC, and GaN devices

C0021     Characteristics of SiC Power Diodes under Extreme Temperatures

C0031    Power cycling method of power semiconductor devices based on mission profiles

C0082     GaN-based quasi-vertical Schottky barrier diodes with the sidewall field plate termination for obtaining low leakage current

               and high breakdown voltage

C0108     Uneven Current Mitigation in Single IGBT Chip with Multiple Metallization Regions Using Staggered Bonding Wires Layout

C0280     A Modeling Method for Si/SiC Hybrid Switch Based on Finite State Machine

C0382     High dv/dt in High Voltage SiC IGBT and Method of Suppression

C0388     Parallel type based on Si-IGBT and SiC-MOSFET inverter Research on Multifunctional Power Supply

C0422     Evaluation of High-Voltage 4H-SiC Gate Turn-off Thyristor for Pulsed Power Application

C0427    Design of Energy Router Based on SiC MOSFET SI IGBT Hybrid Device

C0459    A GaN based Switch Capacitor Circuit for Multi-Electromagnetic EH Combination

D.Magnetics, Passive Integration, Magnetics for Wireless and EMI

D0049    Wideband Modeling of Transformer Common-Mode Characteristics Using RLC Ladder Network

D0050    Research on Shielding Effectiveness of Switched-Mode Power Supply based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

D0089    Design of Transformer Shielding Foil Structure for Minimizing Common-Mode Noise in LLC Resonant Converters

D0146    Modeling and Measurement of Radiated EMI for Flyback Converter

D0262    Common-mode Voltage Suppression for Hybrid 4-leg Three-level FC-NPC Inverter

D0295    Measurement and Model Study of Internal Temperature Rise of High-frequency Magnetic Components

D0297    Far-Field Radiated EMI Modeling of Frequency Converter Considering Coupling Effect between Cables

D0330    The Structure and Modelling Method of Integrated LLC Transformer with Wide Range Resonant Inductance Regulation

D0393    A Multi-conductor Distributed Capacitance Equivalent Model of Planar Transformer for GaN-based LLC Converter

D0433    An Optimized PCB High Frequency Parasitic Parameter Elimination Method for GaN-Based Driving Circuit

E.Control, Modeling, Simulation, System Stability and Reliability

E0045    Tri-freedom Bisection Algorithm for OSV MPC of Three-phase Inverters to Improve Power Quality

E0062    Research on the Unbalance Load Control for Brushless Doubly Fed Power Generation System Based on Predictive

               Current Control

E0068    Assessing Grid-Accommodable Capacity of Grid-Following Inverter-Based Resources with Small Signal Stability Constraint

E0107    Unified Current Control Structure with Complex Vector Form for Both Single- and Three- Phase Grid-Connected Voltage

              Source Converter

E0110    Analytical Methods of Voltage Support Strength in Dual-infeed Hybrid HVDC System

E0137    A Primary Shunt Inductor Compensated Inductive Power Transfer System with Natural ZVS for Battery Charging


E0184    Structure and Reliability Design and Experiment of HIAF-BRing Dipole Magnet Pulse Power Supply

E0206    Hybrid Modeling for LCC Circuit Based on Machine Learning

E0221    Speed Control for PMSM Drive System Based on Sliding Mode Observer with Phase-Locked Loop and Variable

               Proportional Desaturation PI Regulator

E0251    Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Method of Single Stage Matrix Type Power Electronic Transformer

E0256    Decoupling Control of Modular Multilevel Converter Based on Perturbation Suppression

E0267    A Dynamic Equivalent Method for the Offshore Wind Power Farm Based on Operation State

E0269    Small Signal Stability Analysis of Grid-Following Inverter-Based Resources in Weak Grids With SVGs Based on Grid

               Strength Assessment

E0359    Double-Sided Modeling and Stability Analysis for Symmetrical PLL-Synchronized VSC in Weak Grid

E0372    Self-adaptive Synchronous Rectifier Control Algorithm of Phase-Shifted Full Bridge Current Double Rectifier Converter

E0375    Optimal Load Control for Power System Short-Term Voltage Stability Enhancement

E0376    Stochastic Voltage/Var Control of Active Distribution Network using Customer-Owned PV Inverters

E0377    Optimal Emergency Demand Response for Power Distribution System Security Control

E0386    Equivalent Circuit Modeling Considered Infinite Frequencies Coupling Effects in Complex Phasor Domain

E0438    A Novel Proportion-Integral-Differential Controller Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning for DC/DC Power Buck


E0443   Comparison on DC Fault Current Limiting Control Methods Based on Half-Bridge MMC-HVDC System

E0453    A High-accuracy Torque Control Strategy of PMSM for Electric Vehicles

E0456    Comparison of Online Stability Margin Monitors for Power Converters in Microgrids

F.Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving

A0374    Design of a High-Power Efficient Converter with Medium-Frequency Transformer for Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators

B0081   Cascaded Full-Bridge and Three-Level T-Type Inverter Fed by the Inductive DC-Link with Embedded Voltage Boosting

F0059    Proactive Maintenance for Lead Acid Battery Energy Storage System in Life Cycle

F0071    Power Equalization Circuits for Modular Cascaded DC–DC Converters in Distributed PV

F0203    Graph Neural Network Based Solar Irradiance Prediction

F0212    Active Thermal Control for Cascaded H-Bridges in Solid State Transformers

F0274    Analysis and Experiment of Bipolar-Pulse Heating Method for Lithium-ion Batteries

F0347    Design and optimization of high insulation voltage planar transformer for DC-DC converter

G.Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution

G0109    Model Predictive Control of LCL Resonant Dual Active Bridge Converter

G0113    Non-isolated Ultrahigh Boost Ratio DCDC Converter with Coupled Inductor and Charge Pump

G0136    Design and Analysis of a 75 kVA High-Frequency-Link Based Three-Port Power Electronic Transformer

G0143    Voltage-type Arc Suppression Method of Single-phase-to-ground Faults in Distribution Network Considering Line


G0192    An Optimal Distribution Method of DC Power in LCC-HVDC System Based on gSCR

G0217    Plug-and-Play Control in Islanded AC Microgrids with Flexible Structures

G0243    Distributed Realtime Simulator for DC Microgrids

G0266    An Expandable High Step-up Resonant DC-DC Converter

G0271    Capacitor Voltage Ripple Suppression of Modular Multilevel Converters Based on Improved High-Frequency Injection


G0309    System-Level Control Strategy of Multiple SAPFs for Comprehensive Harmonic Mitigation in Distribution Systems

G0318    Could Converter Domination Lead to Better Voltage Stability in AC Transmission? - An Overview

G0353    A Soft Start Approach for Solid State Transformer

G0373    Flatness-Based Control of a Power Flow Controller for a Meshed DC Microgrids

G0471    Enhanced Dual-Active Bridge Converter with Inherent Bipolar Operation Capability for LVDC Distribution Systems

J0334    An Integrated Communication Method for LED Intelligent Dimming System with Switching Ripple Communication

H.Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles, Railway, Marine, Airplane etc.

H0055    Research on Low Switching Frequency Modulation Strategy of High Power PMSM based on Metro Traction System

H0066    A Harmonic Injection Method to Reduce Speed Ripple of PMSM

H0103    Research on Optimized Fuzzy Energy Management Strategy Based on Micro-trip Recognition

H0134    An H2-consumption-minimization-based energy management strategy of hybrid fuel cell/battery power system for UAVs

H0162    A Double-layered Energy Management Strategy for Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Source System of More Electric Aircraft

H0186    A New Design Method of IGBT Module With Embedded Vapor Chamber for Optimal Heat Radiation

H0316    A New Integrated Topology Design of Auxiliary Power Supply for Metro

H0390    Multi-Objective Optimization Design of Linear Doubly-Fed Motor for High-Speed Maglev

H0402    Comparative Study on Topologies of Three-Level and Open-Winding Converters for PMSM Drives

H0413    Virtual Damping Control Strategy to Improve Anti-Disturbance Performance for PMSM Driven Electric Vehicle under    

               Rough Road Conditions

H0474    Low Frequency Ripple Suppression Based on Active Power Decoupling for Modular Multilevel Converter Submodule


I.Power Electronics for Wireless Power Transfer

I0010    An Intermediate Magnetic Coupler Design for Three-coil Inductive Power Transfer

I0022    Underwater wireless power and data transfer system with shared channel

I0027    A Multi-coil Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles with Self-positioning

I0030    Efficiency Improvement of Modular Parallel IPT System in Wide Power Range

I0064    Analysis and Design of Constant-Current and Constant-Voltage Output for LCC-N Topology in Wireless Power Transfer


I0171    Calculation of space magnetic intensity for bipolar coil based on PEEC

I0173    Analysis and visualization of Magnetic Field for Multi-dimensional Helmholtz Coil Based on PEEC

I0245    Core Design and Optimization for the Wireless Power Transfer System of Dual-use Machine

I0293    Research on Energy Management of Laser Wireless Power Transmission System I0294    Design of Ultrasonic Isolation Wireless Power Supply for Gate Drive Circuit of Module Multi-level Converter

I0370    Extended-Range Wireless Power Transfer System Based on High-Order PT Symmetric Principle

I0403    Resonant Reactive Shield of contactless slipring Based on WPT Technology for Rotating Equipment

J.Power Electronics for Lighting and Consumer Electronics

A0106    A Time-Domain Analysis Model of LLC Converter

J0179    A constant-current multi-output LED driver based on high-frequency AC current bus

J0378    Comparison of parameter calculation methods based on time-domain and frequency-domain analysis for Class Φ2 inverter


E0152    Design of HIAF Module Power Supply Control Board

L0218    Research of the Energy Change Method for Heavy-Ion Medical Accelerator Power Supply


A.Switching Power Supply: DC/DC converter, Power Factor Correction converter

A0065    A DC-Current-Bus-Coupled Multi-Port Power Electronic Transformer and Its Control Strategy

A0076    Design and analysis on coupling inductor of four-phase interleaved parallel buck-boost converter

A0077    Remedial Fault-Tolerant Operation of a Current-Tripler-Rectifier ZVS Three-Phase Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter

A0097     State-of-Charge Balancing and power sharing control method of energy storage system in DC microgrid

A0123     The Dynamic Control for Three-Phase Dual-Active-Bridge DC-DC Converter based on Sliding-Mode-Learning Adaline

A0204    A Minimum Power Circulating Flow Control Method for EPS DAB Converter by Detecting the Body Diodes Conduction


A0220     Dual-Transformer-Based Phase-Shifted PWM DC-DC Converter with Wide ZVZCS Range

A0315     Hysteresis Compensation Input Voltage Sharing Control Strategy Applicated to Improved Phase Shifted Full Bridge ISOP


A0322     High Gain Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Three Boost Converters and Switched Capacitor

A0356     Constant Switching Frequency Controlled Class E DC-DC Converter with Wide Input Voltage Range

A0389     Design of High Frequency Class E Inverter With Adjustable Output Voltage

C0419    Phenomenon of Short-Time Threshold Voltage Shift and Its Application in Junction Temperature Estimation

H0442     A Time-Domain Optimization Design Methodology for CLLC Resonant Converter

B.Inverter and control: DC/AC Inverter, Modulation and Control

B0011    Resonance Suppression Method for Grid-connected Inverter Based on Feedforward Loop and Current Loop Impedance

               Reshaping under Weak Grid

B0013     Research on Leakage Current Suppression Mechanism and Control Strategy of Single-phase HERIC Inverter

B0063    Circulating Current Injection Method for the Modular Multilevel Converter

B0122    Research on Space Vector Pulse Width Over-Modulation Strategy Applying to Matrix Converter

B0147     Active Arc Suppression Method of Distribution Network Based on Equivalent LCL Filter

B0161    Predictive Constant Extinction Angle Control of LCC-HVDC Receiving End Converter

B0166    Dual Current Control Loops for Three-Phase Four-Leg Grid-Connected Inverter using Complex-Vector Form

B0185     Method for actively suppressing ferromagnetic resonance of distribution network by resistive current

B0237    A Space Vector Modulation Algorithm for Suppressing Common Mode Voltage of Six-Phase Open-winding Motor Powered

               by a Single Source

B0354    General Coordinated Active Thermal Control for Parallel-Connected Inverters with Switching Frequency Control

B0470    A Weighted Hybrid Modulation Strategy of Single-Phase Full Bridge Inverter for Reducing Common-Mode Interference

C.Power Devices and applications: Si, SiC, and GaN devices

C0041     Research on Over-voltage Distribution of Entire HVDC converter valve under several over-voltage conditions

C0061     A SiC MOSFET Gate Oxide Aging Test System With Gate Voltage Spike Emulation Capability

C0132    Influence of high temperature reliability test on threshold voltage and on resistance of 1200V SiC MOSFET

C0199    Study on the Influence of Gate Parasitic Inductance on the SiC MOSFET Switching Performance

C0202    Cancellation of Power-Gate Mutual Inductance for Crosstalk Voltage Alleviation in SiC MOSFET Multi-chip Power Modules

C0226    The electrical and reliability characteristics of 6500V/25A SiC diode module

C0247    Low forward voltage of 1.2kV-20A 4H-SiC JBS rectifiers: the impact of thinning process

C0383    Gate Delay Time Control and Application of Si/SiC Hybrid Switch

C0446     Study on the Explosion-proof Failure of Press-pack Power Moducle Shell

D.Magnetics, Passive Integration, Magnetics for Wireless and EMI

D0043     A Novel Application of Spread Spectrum Technique to Reduction Radiated Electromagnetic Interference for Shape

               Memory Alloy Actuators

D0099     Lateral Magnetic Shielding Design of Hybrid Nanocrystalline Cores in IPT Systems for Electric Vehicle Charging

D0125     MMC Modeling and Internal Electromagnetic Interference Mechanism Analysis

D0126    A Common-Mode Active EMI filter Design for Modular Multilevel Converters

D0159    EMI Receiver Modeling Based on Two-phase Scanning Mode

D0246     High frequency analysis and modeling of EMI filter

D0307    Two-dimensional calculation model of the Edge Effect and Losses in High-Frequency Transformer Foils

D0349    A kind of bydirectional active EMI filter based on double-side sensing network

D0417    EMI Characteristic Analysis of Plane Transformer Based on LLC Circuit

D0436    An Isolated Two-phase Single-stage DC/DC Converter with Magnetic Integration

E.Control, Modeling, Simulation, System Stability and Reliability

E0037    Simulation and Verification of dual dq plane SVPWM Based Drive Control of Five-phase PMSM

E0069     A Hybrid H-bridge Fault Current Limiter for HVDC Grid Protection

E0086     Small signal equivalent circuit model of LCLC resonant converter

E0124     An On-Site Test Scheme of DC Energy Dissipation Devices Without Additional Equipment

E0241     The Impact of Synchronous condensers on Small Signal Stability of a Multi-Infeed Power Electronic System Based on

               Power Grid Strength

E0253     The Synthetic Inertia controller for MMC-HVDC Based offshore wind farm integration

E0344     Modeling and Parameter Identification of Supercapacitor Battery

E0434     Frequency characteristics and stability analysis of ATRU based on impedance mapping method

F.Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving

A0205     The State-space Design Research of MPPT based on Reinforcement Learning in PV System

F0277    Coordinated Control Strategy of Multiple DC Microgrids Containing Large-scale PV Systems

F0469     Thermal Balance Control of Lithium-ion Battery Packs Based on Bi-directional Flyback Converter

G.Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution

G0026     Modeling and Analysis of On-load Tap Changing Transformer with Solid-state Switches

G0101    The polarity observation method based on S3MPR designed for space power sysetem

G0207     SiC-Based High-Frequency Soft-Switching Interleaved Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC Converter without ZCD Circuits

G0219    High-ripple Compact Design of MMC for Medium Voltage Distribution

G0228    Evaluation of the Delay Effect in a Novel Hybrid Real-Time Simulation Platform

G0231     A Novel Impulse Voltage Reduction Method for Reliable Grid Connection

G0290     Bipolar short-circuit fault current calculation considering the AC side in MMC-HVDC

G0311     Study on Oscillation of Doubly Fed Wind Turbine Based on Additional Damping Control Strategy

G0317    Optimal Voltage/Var Control of PV Inverters in Distribution Network Based on Genetic Algorithm

G0357    Electrical Parameters Optimization for MMC-HVDC-Grid Based on TEF with DC Fault Ride-through

G0467    Research on the Suppression Strategies of High-frequency Oscillation for MMC-HVDC

G0472    Bipolar Operation Scheme of Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converter (MMDC) for Resilient MVDC Distribution Systems

H.Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles, Railway, Marine, Airplane etc.

H0092     Dispersion analysis of dynamic and static characteristic parameters of 1200V SiC MOSFET

H0201    A Reconfiguration Strategy for High-Power Distributed Spacecraft Power System

H0282     Study on Residual Current Protector for Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

H0381     Design of Mega-Watt Level Testbench for 10kV 333Hz Machine Drive

H0432     A Data-Driven Method for Online Fault Diagnosis in Single-Phase PWM Rectifier

H0452     An Interturn Short Circuit Fusion Model of Traction Motors Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

I.Power Electronics for Wireless Power Transfer

I0263     Modular Inductive Power Transmission System Optimized Design and Implementation

I0337    Winding Layout Analysis of Plane Spiral Coils and Its Optimization in WPT System

I0345    Coil Arrangement Optimization to Improve Efficiency of Multiple-Repeater Wireless Power Transfer System

I0351    A Frequency Tuning Series-Series WPT System with Wide Coupling and Load Ranges

I0361    An Approach to Reducing Undesired Cross Coupling in a Three-Coil IPT System with Inherent CC-CV Charging Profile

I0465    A Novel Design Method for the Large Space Wireless Power Transfer System

J.Power Electronics for Lighting and Consumer Electronics

J0033    Elimination of Electrolytic Capacitor in AC/DC LED Driver with Ripple Cancellation Based on Series Compensation


J0340    Comparative study on S-S and LCC-CLCL Compensated Inductive-Power-Transfer Converter for Driving Multistring LEDs

               with Current Balance

K.Power Electronics for Data center and Telecom

K0111    A new high efficiency and high power density 48V to 1V converter


L0102     A DC series Arc Fault Detection Method

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